Born and raised in Montreal, Joe Bongiorno is a prose writer and journalist. His literary writing has appeared in or is forthcoming in publications including Geist, Canadian Notes & Queries, Event, Broken Pencil, Freefall, The Antigonish Review, Exile and Carte Blanche. As a journalist, he has contributed to the CBC, Canada's National Observer, the Montreal Gazette, Ricochet Media and CJAD. He was shortlisted for both the 2018 and 2019 Freefall Prose and Poetry Contests. He won Event Magazine's 2019 Speculative Writing Contest. Joe is currently working on a novel as well as a short story collection.
After dozens of menial jobs, a brief stint at a flight academy, and a decade of teaching English, Joe has taken the plunge into the wonderful world of journalism.  He is especially interested in public interest and deep-dive reporting that contributes to the broader conversation. 
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Photo taken by Anne Guay